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Monopoly - Angry Birds Game

Acum celebrul joc de societate Monopoly il poti juca cu personajele tale preferate din Angry Birds. 

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Varsta5 ani +
Tip produsJoc de societate

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Joc de societate Monopoly - Editie de colectie Angry Birds


  • Joc pentru 2-4 jucatori.
  • Joc original, editie in limba germana.


Varsta recomandata: 5 ani +


Tip joc: Strategie, Board game


Buy, buy, buy and fly, fly, fly in the Angry Birds edition of the classic game of Monopoly! You can play as Red, Bomb, Ice or Stella, and your goal is to buy as many Angry Birds properties as you can in this fast-trading game. You’ve got to launch your tokens to get extra money, and if you finish with the most money, you win. Feathers will fly and everyone will buy in the Angry Birds version of Monopoly!

Includes 4 tokens, 48 property markers, 12 nests, 1 launcher, 1 gameboard track, 1 gameboard center, 2 central dividers, 12 Chance cards, 12 Chance card stands, 12 Chance shelves, 100 x M1 banknotes, 1 die and game guide.

Product Features:

  • Angry Birds Monopoly game is the fast-trading property game with Angry Birds characters
  • You’ll buy, sell and trade properties to win
  • Launch tokens to get Chance cards and extra money
  • Play as Red, Ice, Bomb or Stella


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